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This timing can be observed in the natal chart as a transit. Often, the fateful meetings and circumstances of a Vertex activate seem like the answer to our secret prayers (uttered in those teary, dark-night-ish moments), and almost always coincide with major shifts in consciousnessoften shifts in the very matrix of our life. Changes with regards to a partner's finances may affect the native seriously. , If keywords dont zap to mind as youre doing this exercise, you just need more astrology reading, and are literally remedying that by being here right now, so were helping each other out! Astrology Study, Destinys Gate or Vertex, the Electric Axis. Take cover somewhere chill! , Within a day or so of seeing the blue light, the barista started acting weird at me, and I believe triangulating me against one of the coworkers hes been having an affair with. with clients, or with professionals specializing in interpersonal services, such as law or therapy, intended to assist our personal image or self-relationship (anti-vertex in the first house). Your progressed chart can also trigger with progressed planets or house cusps conjunct your natal Vertex, or with your progressed Vertex conjunct one of your natal planets. The 9th house rules your grandparents, the 5th house rules your children, and the 11th house rules your stepchildren. NEXT, locate the Ascendants. . here-toaskquestions 1 yr. ago , (*Conjunctions and squares to our Vertex are felt most, the most promising for growth. HERES A SUMMARY OF WHAT ASPECTS TO YOUR VERTEX CAN MEAN. . Forewarned is forearmed. Uhhh eclipses, ya cool, dude thx for letting me know. , NO, nope, that would have been too weird and cruel to endure, especially in light of all the other disillusionment Id been feeling around that time. Notice which boxes have black lines around them, indicating exact aspects. , For more insight into aspects in general, heres that CafeAstrology article again (that I linked to earlier), to be compared to this one from Dark Star Astrology, and this one from Alice Sparkly Kat (very useful for analyzing all the aspects in your birth chart). With the Vertex, the avatars will deliver a message (Mercury) or spotlight a virtue (Sun), dovetailing with what our Vertex describes were fated to develop (by sign, house, + other nearby planets). When you get to step #6, click VERTEX from the dropdown menu under Additional Objects, just under CHIRON. You are Partner A. Transits by other planets to your natal Vertex (which happens a lot with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars). IS. You can learn to connect with the subtle energies all around us, and once you let go of spiritual, karmic, and emotional baggage, unlock an incredible connection to your intuitive self. Ill show you how to find and evaluate the Vertex in a synastry chart below, and you can learn more about synastry here. Do you keep a scheduler? SQUARES TO THE VERTEX ALSO SQUARE THE ANTI-VERTEX > These planets impede your development and the higher qualities you draw on from the Anti-Vertex. If youve been looking into spiritual astrology or anything with compatibility, you probably have since thats generally what the Vertex connects to. Find some non-creepy way to score birth data for any new players on the scene, especially if spooky-cute coincidences are occurring while in their midst. With a full 6th house , sun 19 cancer conjunct lie 20 and nessus, mercury 24 cancer and moon 7 cancer . Some suggest interpreting the antivertex as an auxiliary . But you do need to remember something fated doesnt equal positive and healthy! It's a good question and the standard answer - mine, at least - is usually that the 8th represents other people's money - ie: you owe or share it. Partner As Ascendant will be on the left-hand side, where the Ascendant angle and First House are usually located on a chart. According to some liner notes in Donna Hensens example Vertex Report: Quincunxes to the Vertex are also semi-sextiles to the Anit-Vertex. SO, grab your birth certificate, or start dialing your momma and aunties! VERTEX IN PISCES > Destiny process themes include mystical healing, surrendering ego-fixations, and spiritual-based relationships. This powerful energy can be felt by all, regardless of our. The Vertex is usually located in the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th houses in your birth chart (the axis can be closer to your Imum Coeli and Midheaven if you were born in tropical latitudes). For example, if Saturn is square my Vertex angle, then Saturn development would open the gateway for Vertex-inspired experiences. These arent necessarily romantic, and can be represented in charts of siblings, mentors-pupils, besties, etc., any relationship that feels destined, or any relationship where the person enters our life through a twist of fate. INFLUENCE > How would you articulate or describe the role or influence you each play in others goals, ambitions, or sense of purpose? I zombie-grabbed my mocha-drink-latte-thing, then scuttled back to my SUV, and went where I go for hope: astrology newsletters. (Link to Vertex in houses). You can share this with others, and inspire others with grand tales and gregarious words. ULTIMATELY, the themes (sign) and experiences (house) you will likely have during a transit moment is determined by your Vertex placement, but note where the ruler of your Vertex sign is hanging out on your chart, because thats the area thatll get reworked by the Outer Planets influence! VERTEX IN LEO > Destiny process themes include play, validation, in finding a muse, unlocking creative potential, and relationships based on appreciation. John and Julie Gottman, drop them into a Voice Memo or essay to be emailed off to me. the Destiny Point. , BUT WHO AM I TO DISCOURAGE YOU, even if you only have approximate birth data, lets do this, because were all learning astrology, right? Youll want to focus on the energy of the transit planet involved and the sign your Vertex or Anti-Vertex is inthis can give clues as to how it happens or what it involves. Youll need accurate birth times (not guess-timates), as well as calendar dates for any spooky-woo moments in your past (that may have been a Vertex activation!). These could be job interviews, exams, stage performances, etc. . The placement of Pluto in another person's 2nd house indicates the Pluto person influences the 2nd house person's realm of finances, security, and self-worth. ), but it miiight sort of feel like you have a parallel processor somewhere in your psyche. Who were you with, what was the context? 90 DEGREE DIAL. Structure and order can become a talent for you, and you can benefit from taking care of yourself physically as well. It was only discovered in the mid 1970s by Edward Johndro, and research seems to be lacking ever since, especially on the point opposite the Vertex, deemed the Anti-Vertex. For more summary-descriptions of the Vertex in the signs, check out this article, compare to this one from Siddhantika, and also this one from CafeAstrology! You may create an incredible home and family life and can be seen as a parental figure to many. Finally, from the third menu labelled Natal, select Vertex. Remember, the Vertex only shows up in the righthand or western side of the chart (the fate hemisphere) in one of houses 5-8. Does it feel like that person grounds your destiny process in a meaningful way (maybe like a tradeoff)? All horoscope anglesascendant, midheaven, etc.are formed by the intersections of great circles.) The astrology Vertex can be an interesting and fun position to play around with. In any case, you might as well keep top-of-mind any planet thats transiting your Vertex sign! Read below to learn more about your zodiac. The vertex question is to do with a synastry chart the sun at 17.28 Taurus in the second house square my vertex at 15.14 aquarius in my 8th house Then the same person has their vertex at 13.49 virgo in the 6th house squared my venus at 14.37 Sagittarius in my 6th house. > Check out this article from Dawn Bodrogi! These planets are part-in-parcel to their destiny process, as described by the sign and house placement on their chart. My soul-wound is linked to my destiny. Often, when any planet, angle, or point of our birth chart is transited, other people will act as avatars for the transiting planet. , Without transits, nothing would change, nothing could even be realized, including your charts hypothetical potential, which is what a natal chart actually is, Your Chiron is just pain, your Saturn is just boo. Eventually, our moment comes due, and our masquerade is not what compels its arrival. Write in a diary? You will feel as if you can manipulate the world, but it's the world you cannot control in reality. Remember, the sign of your Vertex indicates the theme, and draws in themes from the opposite sign (where the Anti-Vertex sits). (*Like that? ? Tho, from the research, it sounds like any planet connections to our Vertex - Anti-Vertex axis are ultimately beneficial, but I would add that, like most of our birth chart, it takes time and experience to tap into the benefits. . . against what you are developing. BUT JUST FYI, I cant locate much literature about the effects of transits to the Anti-Vertex, but from my own inexpert transit tracking, transits to the Anti-Vertex seem to be a peek-a-boo opening to the Vertex, not really coinciding with destined moments, but, FOR INSTANCE, instead of a moment of clarity or hit of awareness (such as with a transit to the Vertex), the effect feels more like realizing the bath water has turned cold, or waking from a micro-nap, and now a different podcast episode is playing from the one youd settled in to listen to, or basically, transits to the Anti-Vertex feel like something on the backend that needs adjusting or re-calibration* (IMHO). ), ANYWAY, let me provide some summaries for interpreting transits to the Vertex, and in the final section, Ill focus on reading for the Vertex in a synastry chart (), which showcases what the Vertex does best. THE VERTEX CAN ONLY BE FOUND ON TBE FATE HALF OF YOUR CHART > Because it pertains to fated encounters and situations, the Vertex is only found in the Fifth-Eighth Houses or right-hand side of our chart (full instructions for finding yours below ). You can learn to celebrate your individuality, and help others to do the same. , APPARENTLY, THE VERTEX CAN ALSO BE ACTIVATED BY RELOCATION > A location is considered strong if you have one natal planet rising and another on the MC -- add anotheron the Vertex that spot is even more important., DESTINED MEETINGS AND LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT STORIES this might be random, but I thought of it while researching the Vertex: When Bren Brown interviewed Drs. This is very important. . And with my Chiron so close at hand (), wounding and healing would striate my destiny process, which I suppose ultimately happened (which you can read about at the bottom of my post about Black Moon Lilith in synastry ). Astrology Vertex Calculator, Free Online Anti You absolutely need to know your birth time in order to determine your Vertex, as it is just as time-sensitive as the Ascendant. relationship astrology is where the Destiny Point really gets to shine, and maybe because not many people are tracking their transits (despite my constant admonishing ). Do you notice any orange planets, angles, or points nearby? . The Anti-Vertex represents the other half of destinys gate, and can also be activated by transits and other peoples planets. The Ascendant, house cusps, and 264 PhD Experts 8 Years on market 65519+ Orders Deliver Get Homework Help And FYI: Vertex activations arent always romanticyou can have a contact point between your Vertex and your kids Ascendant or Sun, for example, or connections between you and your mentors Vertex. , SUN-MOON TRANSITS TO THE VERTEX > Transits to the Vertex from the luminaries, the Moon and Sun, happen once a month and once a year. Lets put off grad school forever , Go to Astro-Seek.com, and hover over Free Horoscopes on the left-hand side of the navigation, and select Synastry, Composite, Davison.. , Ive updated it to include more info about what to do if you think your Vertex has been activated (ew, wth does THAT mean? read to find out! However, the story goes that Pomona was super into her independence, not interested in dating, so to get his fix, Vertumnus had to to change his form every day while passing Pomonas garden, transforming into a warrior, then a farmer, then a sea merchant, on and on, Until one day, Vertumnus transformed into a little old lady, walked into the garden and right up to Pomona, kissed her (), and started chatting her up about that way cool fellow, Vertumnus. BUT, IF YOUR VERTEX ACTIVATION ALSO DRAGGED YOU INTO AN AMBIGUOUS-FEELING SITUATION, heres a caution. , And to get the full scoop on when my Vertex was activated by an eclipse (), check out this post, as well as towards the bottom of this post (where the person in my fated encounter acted like a butthead, and I realized I have Black Moon Lilith squaring my Lunar Nodes! The Inner Wheel, Soul Points in Synastry: The Vertex Versus the Nodes, Part Two. Both the Vertex and Chiron are special bodies selected from a separate menu in the Astro.com chart generator, which is where I was casting the majority of charts. The Vertex and anti-Vertex: these are important points of fate like the Moon's nodes. When Capricorn is in the 2nd House, it means that wealth and financial success might be something you take seriously and work towards. ). With your astrology Vertex in Leo, this may show youre fated to become a shining light. Fateful encounters and destined moments. In that moment, for the first time, Pomona saw him for what he was (not a farmer, or a fisherman), and fell in love. . The house positions of the vertex/anti-vertex can offer clues a to where we may experience turning points and, meetings with destiny .The vertex falls usually between the fifth and the eight house, on the western side of the chart, with the anti-vertex 180 degrees opposition. Thx. Pop quotes, summaries, and links into a Google Doc, or Pin to your astrology boards, or wherever you like to hold and sift through mind-exploding psycho-spiritual personal data. Over time, as you get older, you may be fated to experience great success professionally or with a goal. , Likewhen astrologers joke about people taking cover on eclipse days, I thought it was the same as when theyre like, Ruh-roh, Mercurys about to Retrograde! (( said in a Scooby-Doo voice for some reason )), Not actually like, FATE. As your own analysis may have shown, its not particularly rife with information. The Vertex is called a secondary descendant and usually influences fateful meetings, events and first meetings. . In astrology, Vertex is considered an auxiliary Descendant. Click calculate, and the next page will list the calendar dates when the planet youve selected has aspected your Vertex! If you have any natal planets in your Fifth - Eighth Houses, particularly the Sun or Moon (which progress faster than your other planets), they might eventually come upon your Vertex, and striate your inner awareness with insights related to your destiny process. In interpretation, the Descendant is more about relationships (since it's the 7th house cusp in quadrant house systems), while the Vertex is more about destiny or fate. (Do the same for the sign and degree of your Anti-Vertex too! AlicePortman.com, The Vertex Axis in Relationships. This could happen natally or it could happen through a contact with another whose Saturn squares my Vertex angle. . You will find on these pages the celebrity horoscopes having the Vertex in the 12 signs with an interactive chart and excerpts of astrological portrait. Likeyou might be wishing for skills, talents, or gifts you sense rattling around inside, and also feel you cant access, When the Vertex is activated, that access point is unveiled. (Add the degree number to be fancy and super-accurate. . , WHERE AM I COMING UP WITH THESE KEYWORDS FOR MAD LIBS-STYLE ASTROLOGY? When someone tries to touch their things and place them in other places, they tend to become anxious and uncomfortable. Discuss Natal Vertex In The 8th House In The Astrology Houses Forum. Think of the AP as a 0 degree cardinal cross involving Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. MERCURY-VENUS-MARS TRANSITS TO THE VERTEX > Transits to the Vertex from the swifter, inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) might bring about actual people, visitors or avatars embodying the planets archetype: you might receive a special message, or gratification, or even a spark of rivalry, all of which would goad you towards Destinys Gate. ), WHAT ABOUT PLANETS CONJUNCT THE VERTEX IN SYNASTRY? This post shows you how to get one from Astro.com. It doesnt promise anything, except a turning point, a transfiguration of our consciousness. 1, Destinys Gate or Vertex, the Electric Axis, this CafeAstrology summarizes the Vertex in the signs, This Labyrinthos article explains all the planets, how does the Vertex factor into a composite chart, When Bren Brown interviewed Drs. (Read more about my Eclipse Moment here, and learn earn more about astrological eclipses over here. That's all true but more profoundly, the 2nd house is your money persona - the 8th house is your . The opposite point is the anti Vertex, which will always fall into the exact opposite house and sign. Planet aspects to the Vertex dont seem to be felt or used much in compatibility analysis, but can explain the types of energy or function that one person provides the other. NEXT, locate their Vertex (which is in orange). , OKAY, THATS THE JIST OF IT, NOW HERES WHAT I THINK HAPPENED, REMINDER > The 2021 Gemini Solar Eclipse occurred at 19 Gemini, in a 2-3 orb of my Vertex-Chiron (rad). You can let your inner light shine. . With your astrology Vertex in Aquarius, this may show youre fated to become an icon. TO FIND OUT WHATS TRANSITING YOUR VERTEX youll need to score a copy of a transit chart from the day you believe your Destiny Point got tripped, OR to find out if its being transited by another planet.