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" We I wouldn't be living my best life Meet Bella, The Daughter of Belle and Adam. Her and Her Brother have an Idea about giving the Children of Isle of the lost a chance (completed) Quick Description Lucifer Hearts or as his friends call him Luci Is the son of the Red Queen (Queen o. "A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness." One day, you & Ben invite 4 VKs to Auradon and you met a son of Jafar. ), more to be added later (potentially). "Carlos wasn't big or very strong, but he was good at hiding. Soon, others followed, cheers and whoops erupting throughout the crowd. carlos. Only it turned out to be nothing, because instead of Uma behind the door it was Jay wearing a long trench coat, his eyes highlighted with a light layer of makeup and definitely wearing high heels. Fairy tales dont end with Happily Ever After and none of them will admit that things are darker than they portray. . Facing secrets and a threat looming over her head, Evie has to face the path of good and evil. After what his Mother did? I'm too whipped and soft for, his ass to wanna strangle him though. When her friends left for Aur A book of one-shots, preferences, plus some for the Descendants movies! Props to my friend for being my unpaid, unofficial editor, my official cheerleader, and the one who knows how characters would actually respond so I no . Harry found out first, however, by accident. Founder: Rosie2009 - Stories: 42 - Followers: 39 - Staff: 1 - id: 124230 . Also known as: That time Carlos made a gummy that helped his see the truth rather than speak it, leading to polyamorous good times for all. Uma just so happens to be a part of the blessing. Carlos, who was curious and intelligent. Theres limited birth control on the Isle and Cruella has always been a little crazy, but sometimes Carlos thinks she got pregnant on purpose. So they begin a matchmaking event, hosting other princesses and nobles. Hailey Hart, daughter of the hated red que a vk and an ak? She is kind, loving, excitable, accepting, talented, just like her mother, minus the 70 "Are you crazy? But with some suspicious V.K.s crossing over, Ben falling out of love for his wife, and Jane falling back into her depressive spiral well, just assume the best case scenario. Request are welcome (and needed). Statistically speaking, he was probably an accident. Carlos Oscar De Vil. Seeing as, she'd fallen into a depression after what happened she would've had every right, to drop out of the tour but she kept going because she didn't want to disappoint, the fans. | Yes, my teeth, and ambition's are bared; be prepared! The story is the only thing I own. Number 1 #sarahjeffrey 23/08/19 Her and Her Brother have an Idea about giving the Children of Isle of the lost a chance Hailey is the daughter of Hades, but you could probably already tell by her fiery blue hair that matches her personality. Past Cruella de Vil/Dr. ), more to be added later (potentially). Rose is the daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene. He could always try actually just speaking to her, no overcomplicated plans, no strategizing, but-. When his Mutt was taken away by the Prince of Auradon, only one thing was on Harry and Gils minds revenge. Carlos wants nothing more than to finally feel at home, and Ben is the closest thing he has to one. (Y/N) De Vil, Older sister of Carlos and daughter of Cruela De Vil was kicked out by her mother and she never met Carlos and he never met her, but she always kept a watchful eye on her little brother. "You don't even What if just before the villains got sent to the isle, Elsa became pregnant with Hades' child? Only she wasn't picked for the program Prince Ben had started. Absolutely and it's only because as someone who use to go, up for Tinashe before she showed her ass with that whole 'the black, community doesn't accept me because I'm biracial' bullshit' it was apparent, that the girl was talented. Book 1 out of 3 for the BenxMale OC Descendants Fanfic I'm starting. Carlos Oscar De Vil, a brilliant, innocent child, raised by a maniac. . Sophia, daughter of the infamous Roger and Anita Radcliffe. "At last, the girl looked up, her eyes blazing with determination. Well Let's just say he was more than nervous. There was nothing more reliable than Mommas advice. Then rip it up and throw it out, because no way is that happening here. ontem s 14:26. Fine. Uma takes her in and they rule the isle together while growing feelings. Truly unfortunate indeed. She did not know how much it would be torn further on as she continued staying in Auradon. Prince Benjamin Florian Beast only got to live the life he had been born into for a couple of weeks before one villain kidnaps him and takes him to the Isle of the Lost. Please, give him a chance." He had yet to tell Jay, and was pretty sure he wasn't going to. Obviously it won't work, but we dont really have a choice. Carlos exhaled, rubbing at his eyes with the heels of his palms. He always had revenge on his mind. C'est dommage que tu ne le fasses pas. P A Carlos x Reader Story. But Once their were two god in love Eros god of love and Eris goddess of mischief the two had a beautiful daughter Ella but when Eris is send to the isle he gives Ella up to CAGED! Eight of the fan favorites were chosen to move to Auradon and given a chance to live there. She's sweet and talented and humble but most importantly DARKSKINNED. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (24), The Isle of the Lost Series - Melissa de la Cruz (18), Ever After High Series - Shannon Hale (1), Isle of the Lost is a Terrible Place (Disney) (9), Abusive Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) (8), Bad Parent Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) (8), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (5), Evie & Jay & Mal & Carlos de Vil as Found Family, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Chad Charming/Doug/Evie/Jay/Carlos de Vil, Ben/Chad Charming/Doug/Evie/Jay/Mal/Carlos de Vil/Uma, VK(s) | Villain Kid(s) (Disney: Descendants), AK(s) | Auradon Kid(s) (Disney: Descendants), Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, And We're So Calm (But We're Fucking Scared), The Isle of the Lost Series - Melissa de la Cruz, Evie & Jay & Mal & Carlos de Vil (mentioned), Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) (mentioned), Isle of the Lost is a Terrible Place (Disney), They were friends before the first book because i said so, Alternate Universe - Descendants (Disney Movies) Fusion, 101 Dalmatians: The Series (Cartoon 1997), Andrew Radcliff | Son of Anita and Roger Radcliff (OC), Bad Parent Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), anyone tagged is planned to have serious focus. Carlos made his choice. Fairy Godmother (Disney) One year ago Evie, Jay, and Mal left for Auradon. Descendants 4: A Twist In Time by . Now Mal is back a "Are you crazy? Very powerful magic that will reveal things that were meant to be hidden. Spirit Fanfics e Histrias . Number 4 #Mal 29/10/19. But Lucifer will learn that Carlos is the son of Cruella De Vil, which means more than he thinks. She was treated like nothing. Surprisingly, the boy worms his way into his heart. Not so secretly. Or the shorter version: Mal is Buffy. NOTED: I do NOT own "Descendants" 1-3 She is a god, she doesn't belong in the Isle. Or au (sort of) where Harry likes to listen at De Ville's house, to Carlos sings while working. But things aren't always as they seem. Well, either she face him or give up her title as pirate captain and there was no way she was doing the latter. Carlos wants to help his mother with her design.The outcome is not pretty. Prince Ben, son of Belle and her Beast, decides to invite four children of infamous villains to attend school with him at Auradon Prep: Uma, Harry, Dante and Quinn. 06 Dec 2022. descendants2 descendants mal evie descendants3 carlos harryhook jay uma ben disney gil auradon carlosdevil isleofthelost bal disneydescendants lonnie dovecameron harry. D2 issomethin. So while, C/rlos isnt present during the fic his and Umas, relationship is mentioned often which is why, So I watched D3 yesterday as I ate a bomb ass box of Papa John's. Harry shoved him forward. 1.2K Stories. Carlos was back in his chair with Mal, Ben, Evie, Lonnie and Jay giving innocent smiles. As the years passed, the camera operators were enveloped in the juicy gossip/drama that went on, so they made it into a reality tv show. Essa katana por ser muito . I'll always hate the 7/27 era. And what's interesting is the, fact that a lot of these white women y'all be bustin a vein over niggas, downplaying are racist. The pirate tracks down his pup. He and his friends have to convince that being a VK is a good thing, not a bad thing. Years ago, the White Queen banished her son to the Isle of the Lost in fear of how his strange gift would harm Wonderland. . was he his, but that's all people could see. Family Day was a complete disaster, and it only made Mal and her friends more conflicted about stealing the wand. Well, because white women are notorious disappointments but how can they not, be after spending years stepping on the backs of woc just so they can, elevate themselves to be on par with the social power of their male counterparts, and all while pretending like they give a shit about woc with a smile, on their face. Work Search: tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". So it's a very dark story, not at all Disney friendly. Yona, a irm habilidosa. The vks, Chad Charming, and Audrey Rose are originally from the ouat (Once Upon a time) but were stolen by their descendants' parents. But she's going to need a little help. All they could hope for is that Gil wouldnt embarrass himself and them too much. Carlos meets with his uncle Cecil.A man he believed to be nonexistent. I mean I don't like Jorja's ass but would I much rather Tinashe's ass have, her success? The Isle needed someone new to run the place and she was going to be that person. Anyways either get on the Mani train or get left behind with the rest of, I shouldn't let myself get so upset cuz these ashy ass negroes pulled, this same shit Mani dropped Love Lies but it's still so fuckin frustrating, like let me find out these same niggas steady denouncing colorism and, calling for us to support more darkskinned black women go up for that, ponytail bitch who won't ever be black so she tans the fuck outta her skin, to make herself feel black meanwhile Mani is an AUTHENTIC black woman, who I'm hoping and praying dethrones her ass. Please consider turning it on! You're welcome to inquire about other fandoms, characters, and ships, but don't be upset if I don't take them. Warnings: Rape, abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, alcohol, drugs. I sunk low in my seat. "Don't worry, after I'm through with you, you'll be one of us. ( prince ben/oc ) Once she got to Auradon, there were so many pretty faces for her to disfigure, she couldnt wait to get her hands on them. Only she wasn't picked for the program Prince Ben had started. Uma caught the faithful pirate before he could hit the ground. No Archive Warnings Apply. He has to deal with his trauma, attention from the kingdom and some cute boys, and trying to figure out who he will be in Auradon. She waited. phrase bein used to shut down tweets of folks wondering why a mediocre white. Its only natural we be friends, When I remember the hellish period that was the 7/27 era I'm reminded of why, I hate the black folks that go up for that demon girl most of all out of the demographics, that support her. She serves as the main protagonist in the Descendants film trilogy, the first three novels and the animated spin off series Descendants Wicked World. Join Peter Pan's daughter in her adventures with the VKs to save Auradon from Maleficient/Audrey. Them fuckin with that, girl is none of my business but I actively avoid the ppl who do for a, reason because it must be nice being caught on camera exhibiting shady, unwarranted behavior toward your black castmate and having to not, experience any racist backlash. I'll make sure of it. Harry Hook-centric. Or will they find a place for themselves in Auradon? (adj.) She had on objective to focus on, after all. Nah but the fact that it was, a negress that said that shit and she had the nerve to say it on her h/ma, fic like nigga if you don't get. If you want prove me otherwise read the fic and tell me :). Cruella De Vil, formerly known as Estella. Even if it is accidentally. Harry Hook mini ficIt was dark.Dark and cold.Wind whistled as it surrounded the desolate darkness Harry found himself stuck in.pitch black tar pulled at his legs and hands, threatening to drag him down till he was nothing but that darkness.or Harry finds his light when he moves to Auradon. However, this directly contrasts Descendants where Mal says she doesn't know what love feels like and that they don't date on the isle. Jane and Carlos separated to go back to where they seated while trying to hide their smiles. . That tag Lol like although I found their fondness of writing, about the lead white girl to besuspicious them expressing their, excitement over writing about A/drey is what had me willing to overlook, that one detail that had alarms going off in my head but lol then I saw, that one tag and suddenly those alarms made sense. She is kind like her mother but sh "I love her okay! fanfic; carlosdevil; disneychannel +22 more # 2. . Yet all of that changed when some VK's showed up. May 20, 2021; kate taylor jersey channel islands; someone accused me of scratching their car . A reboot from my old account Lovegirl112345 But upon meeting Andrew the boy is kind and VERY cute. each other!1!1' is the absolute fuckin worst cuz the way I steady see that. Follow. Absolutely fuckin not but what, I'm not finna let y'all forget is that white demoness blatantly tapping into. "Mom likes wearing the outsides, but me? Five children, the spawn of the worst villains, born on the Isle of the Lost. People couldn't be more wrong and right at the same time. I write for: Ben Mal Evie Jay Carlos Jane Harry Uma Gil Chad Audrey Basically Anyone In 1,2 and 3. But what if She had Another Child? when she was born, the daughter of queen elsa was thrown onto the isle out of fear of what she could become. She's a goddess and Uma has already chosen two champions and they possess more than her blessing. and like an actual character arc and stuff!! When the future is burning, the only possible way is to be sent back. A broken Prince will make for a terrible King. "I have to be the perfect princess; I will be queen one day I can't let my feelings You are Aladdin & Jasmine's 16 year old daughter. Cruella De Vil, who had gifted her son one of the most wonderful gift of all, acceptance. Now he tries to navigate a new world with a new set of rules and a new set of dangers all while navigating his love for Ben. Wondering how could anyone truly love him. While never made official, Uma has become the de facto leader of the Isle of the Lost since Maleficent was defeated. I gave Doug a last name bc he deserves that, Idk if I should ACTUALLY rate it as Rape-Noncon, Isle of the Lost (Disney) is a Terrible Place, | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Ouran High School Host Club - All Media Types, Nanjo Kojiro | Joe/Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom, Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom/Reader, Big Bad Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale), the a/b/o is more on the subtle side but still there, truly though please pay attention to the tw tags. ( all rights to disney ). *, ***Under edits with the help of Anyan_Hime -- please go check out their profile!***. In which Evie is Princess of the Isle of the Lost and Mal isnot happy about it. After all, it was Mal Uma didnt get along with. She is the Slayer. It was just fuckin AMAZING. @ DESCENDANTS 1! one less lonely nigger flourish. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But with the help of another villain, he was able to learn how to turn the lust of others into a weapon. After watching Descendants 3 and scrolling through Tumble, I too came to the conclusion that no one is straight and this fic was born. After being send to a seemingly simple diplomatic mission, Evie, Carlos and Jay disapear in the sea whitout a trail.In a desperate call, Ben turns to Uma and her crew to help him find them. I can't believe that because of those white women I had to watch the, black boy the lead white girl bullied in the past sit the group down just, so they can talk about the lead white girl's feelings like And to make, matters worse ol girl ain't even fix her mouth to give Carlos a well deserved, apology for insensitively inquiring if he missed yelling at others without.